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Professional Photography for the Hotels, Resorts and Spa

A blend of glamour and architectural interior images, coupled with food photography,
interior photography, and lifestyle shots, hotel photography
demands excellent skills and expertise.

Our Specialities

Food Photography

We combine creativity and scene composition to create experiential fresh food and beverage photographs.

Interior Photography

An architectural & luxury resort photographer highly specialized in exterior and interior imagery for a worldwide clientèle.

Advertising Photography

We help you make a better first impression. We provide commercial photography services in Middle East, Far East and beyond.

Customer Testimonials

We were referred to Midas Studio from colleagues of ours in Malaysia. Not only have we been constantly amazed at the depth of understanding on many different photography projects, we found ourselves working with a team of friends.Mak -- CEO Areena Star
They are a first-rate and high level Photographer that we will be working with closely in the years to come. We worked with Shahid Adam on re-organizing our Hotel and Spa. Working remotely was smooth and reliable.Director Marketing PC
The guys at Midas Studio do quality work...
"And are a pleasure to work with. We're extremely satisfied with what they've put together for us.” Pierre Sokhon GGM Alkhoory Hotels
The team is endlessly helpful, flexible and always quick to respond. “I’ve worked with Shahid for years. I truly trust him with my site, and to keep up on technology.”GUY Chidiac

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About Midas Studio

Midas Studio is an image (photo-video) Studio, Specialized in architecture, luxury real estate, hotel, resort, spa, restaurant and yachting photography and 360 Full Screen HD panorama (virtual tour). We are located in Media City, UAE, And are offering our services around the globe.

Because at Midas Studio we put your business’s priorities first, we know hospitality is an industry that relies most of all on creating a special atmosphere for your clients. We convey it in our images, and we respect it during our photo sessions.

Our photographs are often used in brochures, marketing materials and websites, and it is no coincidence that first class brands develop their advertising campaigns around our images. Midas Studio is offering services more than one decade in UAE included, Middle East, Far East and around the globe.

Our Clients